Friday, November 3, 2017

Kalambaka, Greece /SideBraids & CurlyHair / Weekend Time

        Side Cornrow Braids

Here we have three Mini Side Cornrow French Braids and curly hair. We have a french braids on one side only and the rest of the hair we have a big curls. I have done those braids on myself . First I made the braids, than I made the curls. For me, this is easy and fast, and I made them previous day, to be ready for the weekend.

Here we were visiting Kalambaka Greece. It's beautiful town and there is beautiful things to see there, and perfect place for a weekend escape.

  • Brush
  • Black or white elastic band ( you can use even colored)
  • Hair Spray ( not needed)
  • Hair Curler
  • Hairdryer 
  • Here I have made tie, neat, french mini braids, of course if you want you can make dutch braids or what ever you wish :) 
Sincerely Yours Tatjana