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                 Hello, my name is Tatjana Andonovska, and I'm the face of Fashionable Hair Braids. I'm married to Mirche, we have two sons  named Kristiyan and Mihail. Like a young mommy and wife, I don't actually have a time for my self, running around the house, running around my boy and husband :) which I love more than anything in this whole wide world :) but I always manage to made them happy and other people as well, and then I came with this idea, where I can do something more for everybody :) 
So, here we go .....

                 I love everything about beauty, hair and braids. Specially braids. I learned how to made them since I was 6 years old, I don't even know who teach me, or how I know, I just know that I know how to made then I was loving it. So I continue until today, and I can say proudly that I learned how to do all kind of braids. 

                 During my work I realized that there were people willing to learned how to do them and I was and I still am more than happy to help them, so I decide to give you some tutorials, and examples, some advice, about all different kind of braids and i hope they will be helpful and nice and beautiful and I hope you like it .

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