Monday, March 19, 2018

Box Braids (Different ways how to stylish)

All the braids tighten up like a ponytail

Here we don't have to use anything or do anything with the braids, just let them be beautiful as they are

Here is only half braids tighten up in the back of the head.

Here all the braids are pulled on one side (here are on the left) you might tighten up with one of the braids.

Here we have half braids tighten up in the back of the head, but as you can see, we made one knot with this half, and that is how they were tightened.

 Here we have one big knot on the top of the head with all the braids. Now, you might tighten up with some elastics, or some small scarf, or just leave it like that, it won't fall a part.

 Hats, always good choice, depends what kind of style you prefer.

Scarf. I love combination of braids & scarfs. They are so many ways how you can stylish them, and this is just one of them (I will show you more in some other time)

If you need more information about this braids or advice, check my other story, or leave me comment, or feel free to contact me. 

Sincerely Yours Tatjana