Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Corset Braids

              Hello, hello my dearest fellows :) 
              This time I wanted to give another example of braiding. Like you already know, there is so many different ways of braiding, and so many different  ways how to ware them, so for today I choose Corset braiding. For me, they are all beautiful, and special on their own, all you have to do It's to decide which one is your favorite one :) 
              Now, first thing that you have to do is to brush your hair and to imagine where you want those braids. 

              In my case, we have corset french braids, so here we go.

              Like you already know how to do French braid, we have to start like that. Than You cross the hair few times, than next time when you cross the hair, you are taking new hair as well and one small section you have to leave out of the braid, and you have to forget that hair there until the next braid :)  Now you can continue braiding until you finish that braid, and while you braiding you are leaving small sections of hair, often as you want and big as you want. 
             Next step, second braid, now you are starting same and that part when you are taking new hair on the braid, you have to take that small section of hair from your previous braid , and on the next cross you have to leave on other section. So you have to take previous one, and than, on the next cross, you have to leave one out, which you will picked up with the next braid. And so on, until you finish braiding, or finish that what you have imagine. I'm pretty much sure that you will succeed, and I hope my story is helpfull for you.
Here we have half hair Corset braids, and the rest it's one french braid.

             Like I already said I have one example now, but follow me and soon I will show you so many different Corset braids :) 

  • Brush
  • Few black or white elastic band ( you can use even colored)
  • Hairsprey ( it is not needed)

  • Here I have made tied, neat, french mini braids, of course if you want you can make dutch braids or fishtail, or fourstand, or fivestand and so on, as you wish, so let your imaginations free and create and enjoy as well, simply play with it. until the next time ;)

Sincerely Yours Tatjana 

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