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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Few ways of Corset Braiding

                  I was thinking a lot, from where to start, where to finish, I have so many ideas to show you how to do, what to, where to do, with the braids of course, and I hope this examples will be useful for you. 
       Corset Braids (Headband)

               This way of braiding you can use in Waterfall braids too. I like this hairstyle because you can wear them everywhere, for school, for work, everyday stiling..., in this exsample, kids fashion, back to school...  Now here we have mini french braids, two, braided next to each other, so they look like headband, so I decided to do mix and. taa daa, we have beautiful Headband Corset Braids.

                                                  Two French Corset Braids

                      This is same like previous pictures, only thing different here is braiding all hair, not just part of it. Now it is all about taste, choose which you like and do it, everything else is same, leaving small sections hair from one braid, while you braiding and in the next one just took over and place it inside next one, and you have it. Enjoy  :) 

Cornrow Corset Braids

        Everything what you need to know for this braiding you have it here. Hope you will enjoy.

  • Brush
  • Few black or white elastic band ( you can use even colored)
  • Hairsprey ( it is not needed)
  • Moroccan Argan Oil (not needed)

  • Here I have made tie, neat, french mini braids, of course if you want you can make dutch braids or fishtail, or fourstand, or fivestand and so on, as you wish, so let your imaginations free and create and enjoy as well, simply play with it. Until the next time ;)

Sincerely Yours Tatjana 

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