Saturday, April 29, 2017

Thailand Phuket - Busy Vacation #3 French Braids & BoxBraids

Well, that was long vacation, at least for me, I was not used to have so much time for my self. But I managed to fill it up, all my time there. And you all ready know that braiding is my hobby, so I make sure to include in my everyday living. It was same here too.
 This is Tanya, my stewardess ( in the middle). She was really nice during all my stay there. When she saw what I did with my hair, she was really touched. Than I decide, before I go from Thailand, to do her hair, and make her happy, small attention, to see that I was appreciate her hard work.

 For her hairstyle, she let me to decide what to do. And here we have, front of the head Mini Cornrow Braids, and the other half (or the back of the head) we have Box Braids (which are done only with her own hair and nothing else) which are mix (some of them are braids, with three hair strands, and some of them with two hair strands -twist).  

Prepare you hair : 
Brush through your hair to get all the tangles out and make it soft, smooth and ready to braid. If you want, you can place small amount of liquid crystal, or some hair oil, which you are using for your hair. This can help you to braid your hair much easier.   

To create this hairstyle, you will need :
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • Hair clip
  • Elastic (one, colored or not)
  • Flexible hold hairspray 
Sincerely Yours Tatjana 

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